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Individual Research Projects

The ColoMARK MSCA-DN aims to provide advanced research training to 10 PhD students in 17 multidisciplinary European research teams specializing in areas such as omics, epidemiology, microbiome, circulating tumor DNA, bioinformatics, statistics & machine learning, assay development, circulating RNAs, circulating tumor cells, tumor profiling, and clinics. The primary objective of ColoMARK is to identify and develop novel biomarkers for colorectal cancer (CRC) using state-of-the-art liquid biopsy techniques. The PhD students will receive guidance from leading European experts in the field and will each undertake a specific research project under the supervision of a Supervisor within the ColoMARK network. All ColoMARK PhD students will be enrolled in top-tier local PhD programs at renowned universities.

Each individual research project within ColoMARK is designed to be innovative, achievable, and aligned with the objectives of excellent doctoral training. The projects are structured around specific objectives that will form the core chapters of the PhD thesis dissertations.

For more information about the research involved and the beneficiary group, please click on the project's title in the Table.

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