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The Training Programme

ColoMARK will exploit the interdisciplinary profiles of the participant entities and the possibilities for international synergies via secondments, to foster robustly prepared the 10 PhD students that master transversal and inter-sectoral skills. Training activities have been designed to be opportunities for multidisciplinary and innovative learning, and to provide a general skill set, as well as tailored activities per PhD student.


Each PhD student will be trained on different levels:

  • Individual training. The first dimension of PhD student training will be the tailored, ground-breaking scientific projects that the PhD students will undertake in the leading research institutions and enterprises within ColoMARK.

  • Host labs and institutions. Each PhD student will be hosted by a team of experts located at some of the leading research institutions in their countries. They will provide state-of-the-art technological and infrastructural resources, training on laboratory rules and safety, handling/disposal of reagents, instruction on the use of specialised lab equipment and institution core facilities, depending on PhD student project needs. Interaction with other local groups for collaborations will also be encouraged. PhD students will also make use of the local resources available while on secondments.

  • Doctorate programmes. PhD students will enrol in doctorate training programmes, which will contribute greatly to providing specialized education on both core scientific topics, as well as transversal skills. This reinforces PhD student exposure to a varied choice of training activities outside of the host lab, and will be focused on enhancing the personal, team-wide and network-wide capabilities of the PhD students.

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